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Functionality and features

Infocar Connect

Infocar Connect is a wireless OBD-interface that easily plugs into your car for communication to your phone or tablet. OBD is a standardised connector in Europe since 2001, used to access different control systems in cars.

Available on Android platforms. A new hardware designed for iPhone/iPad is in development.

Unique Features

The internal memory allows the interface to be used standalone without any mobile or tablet. For example, for long-term logging of parameters and fault codes or for a quick diagnostic scan.

Fault codes and other notifications can be displayed with both blinking LEDs and sound.




Infocar Diagnostics is a free app that can be downloaded from Google Play. It enables you to check vehicle health, read and erase fault codes, view realtime parameters, log data and much more. Supports EOBD-standard for communication.


Read out parameters directly from the control unit in the car. Study in real time on the cell phone, or save in the interface as a log file for later analysis.

The number and type of parameters that are displayed vary depending on the vehicle model.

Examples of parameters from a Toyota Avensis:
(model year 2010, Gasoline)
  • Absolute load value
  • Number of warm-ups since codes cleared
  • Barometric pressure
  • EVAP
  • Throttle position
  • Absolute throttle position B
  • Absolute throttle position D
  • Absolute throttle position E
  • Comm. throttle actuator
  • Speed
  • Intake air
  • Intake manifold absolute pressure
  • Catalyst Temp. Bank 1, Sensor 1
  • Catalyst Temp. Bank 1, Sensor 2
  • Short,fuel trim Bank 1
  • Coolant
  • Distance traveled with MIL on
  • Distance traveled since codes cleared
  • Run time since engine start
  • Time since codes cleared
  • Airflow
  • Long, fuel trim Bank 1
  • Calculated engine load value
  • O2S1_WR_lambda(1)
  • Rel. throttle position
  • RPM
  • Control module voltage
  • Timing advance
  • λ Bank 1,2
  • Battery voltage

Fault and readiness codes

Get information about fault codes, description of the fault and the option to delete it.

Also keep an eye on the car's self-tests that monitor misfires, fuel system and other components.






Future apps

OEM Diagnostics

Extended diagnostics that can communicate with most systems in the car.


Do a pre-test before taking your car to the yearly inspection. Made for the Swedish market.


Save the environment and your wallet! Learn how to drive in a eco-friendly way.

Fleet management

Track all trips with your company car. Easily send documentations to accounting department.


Measure and compare power and performance in your car.